October 4, 2016

October 2016 - Firecrackers, Elite Force and Airborne - -Soccer and Basketball

September 2016 - Ginny and Mike's Wedding in San Diego, CA

Coley, Ava (11), Chelsea and Sloane (8)
PB Local, Mission Beach, CA

Richard, Coley, Ginny and Aunt Lindy

Richard, Aunt Lindy and Breit

Ava, 11
Jack, 5
EK, 7
Sloane, 8

Rainey, GDaddy Bob, Sloane and Ava

Ava - Beach Lover!!!

Katie, Richard, Elaine and Carrie

EK, Ava, Jack and Sloane

My Ava Bear is officially taller than me!  

13 years strong!!!  Love you, baby!!!