June 4, 2005

Aunt Carrie and Ava chillin'. Posted by Hello

Aunt Katie and Me holding Ava. Me now realizing how much hair I have really lost. Posted by Hello

Ava in da crib. Posted by Hello

Any bets on what Molly is thinking? YEAH, YEAH, HILLARY HAD THE BABY IN THE BELLY!!!! Posted by Hello

Mimi trying to convert Ava into a "dainty" young woman. Posted by Hello

A blurry picture. Yeah, I'm not very talented with a camera. Posted by Hello

Hillary yelling commands to Wesley. Posted by Hello

Bets on what Wesley is contemplating? Am I gonna have a girl? Can I keep Baby Nicky away from her? Did they SuperGlue that bow on her head??? Posted by Hello

The Godfather and the Kid. Posted by Hello

Mama Marraccini and the Godfather. Posted by Hello

Ava thinks she's funny. Posted by Hello

Ava at about 2 hours old. Posted by Hello

Ok, here is the side shot. She kinda looks like a frustrated old man. Posted by Hello

Is our kid cute!!!??? Posted by Hello

Ava still sleeping in her custom bed. Posted by Hello

Ava in her custom bed. Posted by Hello

Ava trying to suck her thumb. Posted by Hello

Ava sleeping Posted by Hello