September 21, 2005

Richard's birthday cake. I made this cake, notice all the icing covering all the mistakes. Posted by Picasa

I am too cute for my own good. Posted by Picasa

Hi. Posted by Picasa

I am bored. Someone help me. Posted by Picasa

I am sitting on the couch, but I am missing a beer. Hey, what the hell! Posted by Picasa

It smells really bad! Posted by Picasa

My Mommy is changing my stinky diaper! Posted by Picasa

September 16, 2005

After the rain. Posted by Picasa

Me in the Ocean. It was sooo nice. Posted by Picasa

View of Mamora Inlet. Posted by Picasa

Gecko friend. Posted by Picasa

Pretty island flowers. Bouganvillea? Posted by Picasa

View of Atlantic. Posted by Picasa

A veiw of the Atlantic from our resort. Posted by Picasa

Another view of the Bay. Posted by Picasa

One of the huge houses set on Mamora Bay. This is a view of it from our porch. Posted by Picasa

Mamora Bay had these two great sailboats just hanging out in the Bay. Posted by Picasa

Our beachfront villa. 2500 square feet and 2 stories of fabulous beachfront living. Posted by Picasa

View of the watersports from our villa. Posted by Picasa

Even more rain. Posted by Picasa

The fabulous view of Mamora Bay from our villa. Posted by Picasa

More rainstorm. Posted by Picasa

The daily 15 minute rain from our balcony. Posted by Picasa

More sunset. Posted by Picasa

More sunset. Posted by Picasa