April 23, 2006

My thumb is good. Posted by Picasa

It's either "Na-nee na-nee boo-boo" or, "Man I'm bored". You pick. Posted by Picasa

"Mommy doesn't know that I am eating part of the table." Posted by Picasa

Here Ava is in the process of losing her very first staring contest with her father. Posted by Picasa

April 17, 2006

Elvis playing in his backyard. Because our house is on a corner lot, our yard is .4 acres. YEAH!! We were thrilled to have a larger yard. Posted by Picasa

House from the back. Posted by Picasa

Our house from the back. Posted by Picasa

April 16, 2006

Ava laughing at Mommy. Posted by Picasa

Ava waving at the camera. Posted by Picasa

Ava helped Daddy put together the peg board by eating while he worked. Posted by Picasa

Ava hanging out in the garage while Daddy puts together peg board for the garage. Posted by Picasa

Another view of our house. Posted by Picasa

This is the front of our house. Posted by Picasa

Ava in her "I love my Daddy" t-shirt. In case you did not notice she is holding out her hand for "mo money". Posted by Picasa

Up close. Posted by Picasa

Ava, charming the pants of Jeremy. Posted by Picasa

April 13, 2006

Ava loves to watch "Dora the Explorer and The Wiggles." Posted by Picasa

Ava's new purple bathroom. Posted by Picasa

Ava crawling in to see her new purple bathroom. She loves it. Posted by Picasa

Crawling. Posted by Picasa

Hello. Posted by Picasa

Ava playing with her chair. Posted by Picasa

Ava standing all by herself. She is getting so big...she will be 1 on May 19. Posted by Picasa

Ava crawling... Posted by Picasa

Ava playing with her toys. Posted by Picasa