December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 :)

The girls first Christmas Eve with Mimi and Papa.  :)  They said it was the best one EVER!!!

Richard and Mike.....DORKS.

Jeremy doing what teenagers do.  :)

Michele and our girls.  :)

Michele and her boys.  :)

Me and Josh....he is getting so tall!!  Where did the time go?

Michele and her family.  :)

Our nephews.

Amy and Annabelle.

Since when did our baby get so big?  Ava, age 8.

Our favorite 5 and 8 year olds.  :)

Sloane, 5
Ava, 8

Aunt Amy singing to Sloane.

My Mom loves her purse.  :)

Somebody got the electric scooter they wanted.  :)

Christmas Morning.....

Sloane made the nice list afterall.

Sloanie Bear loved Ava's present so much that she cried.  So sweet.

This is what all the happy tears were about.  LOL!!

God help us!  A karaoke machine.  :/

Tired Santa Papa.

Rad new bike!!!!

Singing on her scooter. LOL!!
Our family.
Christmas Eve 2013

Me and my awesome parents.  :)

Me and my sister.  LOVE!!

December 15, 2013

Park City, Utah Ski Vacation 2013

At the top of the mountain!!  A bit snowy this day.  :)

Me and my Prince Charming.  :)
We saw the girls during lunch break from ski school.  They loved it!!

Enjoying some hot chocolate by the fire after a long day of skiing.

Ava's new Spyder hat.  :)

Date with my favorite 5 year old at Park City Starbucks.  :)

View from our villa at Marriott Mountainside.

These darling little ski bunnies skied 9 miles yesterday, tired little pumpkins this morning.

Going skiing with Daddy after ski school.  They could not get enough!!

Our littlest skier.  She had a blast.  Thank you, Park City!!