December 25, 2006

We had a great Christmas today and we hope you did too. Posted by Picasa

Ava and her grocery cart. Posted by Picasa

Ava and Mommy on Christmas morning 2006. Posted by Picasa

Ava's new grocery cart. Posted by Picasa

Richard got me (Mommy) a new laptop for Christmas...and a fabulours charm bracelet, a jogging stroller and under the counter lighting in the kitchen! And, Richard got a new pair of REAL Oakley's, a new hand saw, some UT golf sleeves, sweaters, amongst other computer geek needs.Posted by Picasa

Uh Oh...Mrs. Claus got Santa some coal...He he he. Posted by Picasa

Santas' Boswell. Posted by Picasa

After Ava...... Posted by Picasa

Ava and her new cell phone that talks to her. Posted by Picasa

12-25-06 Posted by Picasa

Daddy. Posted by Picasa

12-25-06 Posted by Picasa

Backpack. Posted by Picasa

Ava and her Dora backpack. Posted by Picasa

Ava and Daddy opening presents. Posted by Picasa

12-25-06 Posted by Picasa

Mommy ran out of wrapping paper. Posted by Picasa

More for me..... Posted by Picasa

Eating her own cooking. Posted by Picasa

Ava cooking with her new pots. Posted by Picasa

Santa left a big bag for Ava. Posted by Picasa

TMX Elmo! Posted by Picasa

Ava likes her new singing Sesame Street tool belt. Posted by Picasa

Ava's new tool belt. Posted by Picasa

Ava and Daddy. Posted by Picasa