June 20, 2013

Visit with The Small Family - June 2013

Sloane, Age 5
Allison, Age 9
Ava, Age 8

Allison's 9th Birthday

Beauty Parlor  :)

Friends Forever  :)
Sloane, Age 5
Ashley, Age 18
Allison, Age 9
Ava, Age 8

June 14, 2013

Sloane's Junior Kindergarten Graduation from Grace Methodist

Sloane and her BFF, Bella.  :)

Sloanie getting her "diploma".

Sloane, Age 5

Sloane and Ms. Kim

Sloane and Ms. Jodi


June 9, 2013

Victory Lakes Piranhas Summer Swim Team 2013

Ava, 25m, Backstroke, 4th out of 58 today.  :) 
First Heat Ribbon ever for Miss Sloane.  25m Free.


Ava lead off leg of the 8 and under girls 25m Free Relay A.

Ava and Ashley

Sloane, Ava, Josie, Celia and Ashley  :) 
Daddy before.......

Shaving Daddy's head for dropping major time in swimming.  :)

Ava, too, for being in the Top 25 8 and under girls backstrokers (4 times this summer)  for all of Prince William County, VA.  :)

Daddy after.  :)

Nerdy Pep Rally

80's Rocker Pep Rally 


Her dive makes me smile. :)

GO AVA!  6th out of 58 in 25m free today.  :)

Sloane, Hailey, Jordan and Chole

Ava, Chloe, Olivia, Hailey and Sloane

Ava leading off the Medley Relay A for backstroke.

Happy :)

Sloane and Olivia

Sloane and Waverly

Good work on your dive, Ava!!

Age Wars  :)


Sloane and Sarah

Team Photo 2013

Ava and Lexi

Ava and Olivia, Friend and Dive Coach :)

Piranhas Triathlon July 2013

Ava and Sarah

Ava, Celia, Hannah, ? and Sloane