December 19, 2005

15517 Prestancia Drive. Posted by Picasa

More foundation, plumbing and our across the street neighbor. Posted by Picasa

The back of the foundation and the backyard with our two ginormous gorgeous trees. Posted by Picasa

Foundation and kitchen plumbing. Posted by Picasa

Foundation... Posted by Picasa

More lumber..... Posted by Picasa

Ava playing. Posted by Picasa

Our house as of 12/19/05. We have foundation and framing lumber. Posted by Picasa

I am a red eyed alien! Posted by Picasa

Ava and her big read bow. Posted by Picasa

Ava and Papa watching football. Posted by Picasa

Ava and Daddy. Posted by Picasa

Daddy is helping Ava unwrap presents. Posted by Picasa

Ava got lots of fun presents from Mimi and Papa. Posted by Picasa

Ava unwrapping her Madame Alexander baby doll. Posted by Picasa

Ava and Daddy playing with the new drums that Papa gave her. Posted by Picasa

Ava eating Christmas wrapping paper. Posted by Picasa

December 6, 2005

Beautiful girl. Posted by Picasa

I am cute. Posted by Picasa

What up. Posted by Picasa

Good morning! Posted by Picasa

Hi. Posted by Picasa

Fingers are good. Did you notice I am sitting up all by myself? Posted by Picasa

Boo! Posted by Picasa

I already have more hair than my Daddy. :) Posted by Picasa