April 5, 2013

The death of a dear friend is never easy or fair.  We love you, Luke and we will miss you forever. 
RIP Luke J. Small - April 5, 2013

Dear Luke,

I promise to help Tawanda and the girls as much as a friend can from afar.  Your family means the world to me and I will do my best to make sure they are alright, always.

Love, Hillary

Brownie's Father Daughter Dance - Ava and Richard

Ava, Age 7

April 2, 2013

Disney World Spring Break 2013

The Giraffe on the Safari was fifteen feet away, maybe.  :)

Easter at Disney World. 

Richard on the Monorail.

Sloane's favorite, Snow White.  :)

Lunch at Cinderella's Round Table in the Castle.  :)

Meeting Cindy!
Hanging with Rainey.


Rainey is a crazy nut!!!  Love.



Sister time.  :)

Black Rhino was super close as well.

Ava's favorite, Tinkerbell.  :)

Of course the Easter Bunny comes to Disney World.  :)

Sloane was unhappy that Ava got a lift.  Better ask nicely next time, Stinker.

Castle. :)

Prince and Cindy.


These darling baby duckling's and their Mama.  Those feet in the photo belong to their Disney World escort.  :)

Ava and Rainey on the carousel.

I love this one.  She was telling that if you are kind then good things will happen to you.  :)

Trying to stay cool.